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This funny and cool game is for Bomber and Pacman maniacs and those who is looking
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18 May 2008

Editor's review

    If you love chewing gum and if you love to play Bomberman and Pacman games, you will love Funny Chewer too.
    The mission of this game is to win back the gum factory which has been captured by a monster named Grouchy. You will be Chewer, the hero who has to fight the monsters in order to win. As the monsters pursue you, you should move quickly as well as eat a lot of gum so as to score higher. Try to win additional points and lives as you proceed. The monsters which are of two types try to eat the gum too. The game poses challenges in the form of dangerous monsters which could shoot you from a distance while the adverse monsters can only kill you when they are near enough. You can enjoy forty levels of game challenges. You also have a choice to pick up the Chewer out of four different characters.
    The game is an amazing mix of 3D graphics, sound effects and challenging levels to keep you engrossed for hours.

Publisher's description

There is a magic country PacLand which is inhabited by little round men. They are very kind people as usual. But every country has its skeleton. The Mafia with the chief Grouchy decided to seize chewing gum factory. A little PacMan nicknamed Chewer because of his passion to the gum took a decision to penetrate into the factory and to fight against the monsters and to collect the lovely product. It was a deep night when the Chewer climbed over the enormous iron gates. Unfortunately, signalling apparatus worked and all monsters awaked. Pursuit began! You should move as quickly as possible, try to eat as many gums as possible (this will give you points and 10 000 - an additional life). Be aware - the monsters like chewing gums too! Try to collect all 10 bonuses and pay attention that the level has time limit - 4 minutes to kill all monsters and to collect all gums. The monsters can be divided into two categories: very dangerous and just adverse. Very dangerous monsters can shoot and attack at a distance. As for the adverse ones, do not allow them to touch you, so they can kill you only when they are very close.
Funny Chewer
Funny Chewer
Version 1.72
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